In this area, we can be truly proud on all of our gathered experience and executed projects. Most of them were created in collaboration with many renowned architects and interior designers, such as Mr. Jani Vozelj, Ms. Maja Demšar Tasič and Mr. Gašper Demšar, Mr. Miloš Bonča, Ms. Marija Kojakovič from Dubrovnik (Croatia), … We listen to the client in his wishes and find the materials, that will help us to achieve the desired effect true furniture. We also work with the Italian architectural bureau Progetto 35 Italia from Treviso, with which we have already carried out many projects. Among many projects of 2017, we consider the equipment of shop in the historical center of Treviso.

Clubcafe in the center of Trevisio

  • Mizarstvo Kos Bojan
    Cafeclub in the historical center of Trevisio

The special feature of the shop is a rarely used blue-green color. Combined with solid oak wood creates a sense of prestige. The oak does not appear only on the counter, but is present both in the parquet floor, as well as in the built-in cupboard, tables and window shelves. The look of familiarity is created by LED lights that emit warm (yellow light) and many details. Among the most important things, we consider the details on the desk and presentation accessories.


Law Firm in  Nova Gorica

  • Mizarstvo Kos Bojan s.p.
    Wallpanels mounting under

Dark furniture in combination with oak and copper makes the interior luxorius and clean. We produced many wall panels and partition walls, so the layout was addapted. Behind the welcoming counter there is a line of conected closets. We have instaled special soft closing system and push system for opening the doors handle free .

Interier restoration of Sv. Jakob church  in Šentjakob (Ljubljana)

Mizarstvo Kos Bojan_renovation_church

When Mr. Jeromel Marko, the parish pastor, approached us with the idea of restoring the parish church, dedicated to St. Jakob, we were excited. His vision of development of the parish and the local community through a thorough renovation of the church, included us as well. The entire project team of our company Nives Kos, Brane Mušič, Tim and Bojan Kos cooperated in close cooperation with Mr. Jerome, the special pastoral architect Mr. Marinko and other services involved in this project, to achieve the final product.

As not all of the 140 years old pews (benches) could be restored due to wear and tear, we at Mizarstvo Kos Bojan s.p. made new ones. New pews are made of solid oak wood, carefully selected and purpose-dried. The side faces of the pew reflect the elements of the original pews. We invested hundreds of hours of manual as well as machine (CNC mashines) work in them. The new pews have been designed with the idea that they are more comfortable to sit on and make it easier to maintain the upholstered seat and wash the floor.


The church also received new confessionals,     which are now friendly to disabled. By choosing   specific materials and their implementation, we   achieve better sound insulation and ventilation of  the confessional itself.

Hotel Monfalcone

In year 2017, we were aproached by an italian investor, for designing and manufacturing a hotel for him. He was renovating an old austro-hungarian baracks building and decided that a part of the building should be arranged as a hotel. His wishes were very imporant for Ms. Kos and she still needed to stay on a tight budget. We have chosen a better quality laminate panels in the looks of whitened/bleanched oak.

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