Our design and consulting teams goal is to realize your dreams and to help you, with their knowledge and expertise. When we match your wishes and needs, we make plans and tehnical drawings for our production. Tehnical drawings are the base for making programs, that are used in the production.

3D sketch of furniture by Mizarstvo Kos


In parallel with the production, designers control every step and keep an eye on the smallest detail.

Nives Kos-design and consulting furniture from Mizarstvo Kos
Nives Kos

Miss Nives Kos will gladlly give you an advice on lighting of spaces, choose of curtains, appliences, wall color and accessories. With those finishing touches your place will become home.


Our longtime client needed counseling service and help with home renovation. She came to his aid. Nives Kos, who according to Mrs. Barbara Peternel “masterfully combines solutions that are functional, likable and take into account the (set) budget”.

Connection network

Mizarstvo Kos

Over the past years we in Mizarstvo Kos established a wast connection network. We work with many regullar material suppliers, who keep us up to date with the novelties.  We have connections in the fields of electricity, carprenry and wooden house building, upholstery, appliences, painting and many more.

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