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Our company specializes in the manufacture of custom-made furniture as well as a small-scale furniture production for nautical industry. In the past decade, we have been a permanent partner to the Slovenian company SEAWAY, which manufactures prestigious sailling boats and yachts. The furniture, for every carbon sailling boat, differs considerably from one another. Since the furniture is made according to the clients wishes, personalized interiors reflect and represent a rarity in nautical industry. For some furniture designs, we used traditional materials such as teak, mahogany, bird maple … and by others more modern, trendy materials such as bleached oak, white, slightly ribbed laminate and others.

We also cooperated with Norwegian firm ASKELADDEN, but due to the recession in 2008, our cooperation stopped. For them we manufactured furniture for the prestigious speedboats, like the smaller Z8 with cabin and an eleven meter yacht Commuter 11.

Traps and specialities

We have to assure that specific materials are used for the manufacture of furniture in the boat and yachts. The yacht furniture is exposed to extreme weather conditions. In winter it’s cold and moisture, and in summer, high temperatures and dry air. For the manufacture of furniture we use only certified, waterproof plywood, treated with a wide variety of veneers. The shapes on the yacht are always rounded and curved for safety reasons and therefore made from a carefully selected massive wood.

Mizarstvo Kos-Table

Our paintshop workers produce different surface treatments. They are able to produce  a high gloss finish or prepair a matte appearance. Which on the wood works more natural. In the recent period, some clients have also decided for wax furniture processing. With special waxes we give the wood silky touch and natural looks. For that reasons the search for supplier of paints and varnishes took long time. Since only a few manufacturers certify the quality that we need for our furniture, the selection is limited.

Special care is also given to the choice of fittings that are installed in our furniture. Due to salt in the air the metal fitings are very sensitive. So all  the fittings must be made of the highest quality stainless steel. All our experiences and the willingness of their sharing, lead us to cooperation with the prospective Slovenian nautical company Seafaring Yachts. We have been partnering since 2016 and we will continue the cooperation in the future.

Nautical furniture: SEAFARING YACHTS


Mizarstvo Kos-SF34SMizarstvo Kos-SF34S salon exterierMizarstvo Kos-salonMizarstvo Kos-SF34S KitchenMizarstvo Kos-SF34S master cabinMizarstvo Kos-SF34S second cabinMizarstvo Kos-SF34S master cabin

Nautical furniture: SEAFARING YACHTS


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Nautical furniture: Special / purpose vessels

Nautical furniture: SEAWAY OceanClass 70

Mizarstvo Kos Bojan

OceanClass 70 can be a hybrid vessel, which with its layout and airiness enables pleasant sailing even over long distances. To pleasant sailing contribute  aboundace of equipment and the possibility of driving on electric propultion.

You can also get additional information about the boat and a better visual performance by watching the OceanClass70 test, which was performed in 2012 by Motor Boat & Yachting

Nautical furniture: SEAWAY Shipman line 50-82

The sailboats in the Shipman line were a product of the Seaway company, with which we cooperated for many years. These were sailboats that combined exceptional navigability with prestige and comfort. Each sailboat was personalized to suit the needs and wishes of the client.

Shipman in teak interier

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Shipman in white & gray interior

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Nautical furniture: Protoripe speedboat Barracuda 42

In our company, we produced and supplied equipment for the high-end prototype boat Barracuda 42 of the Italian company Barracuda Yachts. They are producer and designer primarily of attractive and modern vessels.

  • Mizarstvo Kos Bojan
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